Doctor Boris Gojanovic is a sports medicine physician with interests in the many areas of sports, health, exercise and science. He is the Head of Sports Medicine at the Swiss Olympic Medical Center in Magglingen, Swiss Federal Office for Sport (BASPO), where his role is split between the medical care of elite athletes, education in sports science and sports medicine, research and development activities. He is also an Attending Associate Physician at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), in its Sport Medicine Unit, where his activities are linked to education programs in collaboration with Lausanne University (UNIL) and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale (EPFL), alongside research activities with the Institute for Sport Science (ISSUL).

A native of Lausanne, he studied medicine at the UNIL, specialized in Internal Medicine before pursuing his passion in the field of Sports Medicine, which lead him to Stanford University’s Sports Medicine Center (California, USA) for 18 months, where he learned from the experts and Stanford’s high performance/achievement environment. His ever growing experience in sports and medicine aims to serve athletes in their pursuit of greatness and success, and also non-athletic people on their way to a better active health through movement and exercise.

Doctor Gojanovic is an accomplished athlete as a former elite basketball player with the Swiss national team, and has enjoyed and learned from training and participation in marathon running and Ironman triathlon racing. He has a family with 2 small boys.

Dr GojanovicPullyBasket

Twitter @DrSportSante.


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