Why I will always go back to running

B course forêt dos

I discovered running very late, why would I have any interest in running, I was a basketball player almost all my life, and anything that didn’t involve running and jumping to score points seemed…well…pointless.

But we all grow up (or become older maybe) and some of us start enjoying these constant load activities, taking us to new distances with that repetitive stomping which slowly becomes a feathery touch of the ground (or so we hope, in our wildest running dreams). And then at some point, something happens, a small injury, a break in the exhilarating routine, a “fitness” pause, and suddenly it becomes normal again to not be running anymore. We are masters at compensation, and we start running errands, running after new professional challenges, running after the kids, before we end up running…on empty. how could I have possibly forgotten about this feeling? Wherever the road or the trail goes, we all make it our journey, short or long, and we can always revisit it anytime.

So I am tying my running shoelaces again and off I go. I hope to see you out there!


About drsportsante

Health & Performance medical director at La Tour Sport Medicine, Hôpital de La Tour, Meyrin (Geneva) - Switzerland.
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